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  • What theatre style it is?
    Theatre BELOE is a unique amateur physical theatre in Switzerland. We use the physical movement is the primary method of storytelling. We do not teach to dance, but to listen to your body and express emotions by it, develop your imagination and connection with people and world outside. We also love to practive verbal storytelling in connection to that.
  • What is included in subscription?
    12 classes in Geneva or 6 classes in Zurich(every 2 weeks). The classes are held in groups from 2 to 9 people.
    1-2 people - the class lasts 1h
    3-4 people - 1,5h in Geneva, 2h in Zurich
    5+ - 2h in Geneva, 3h in Zurich.

    In case you did not cancel your presence in the class 24h prior, the class is fully paid and cannot be reimbursed. In case of class cancelation or your notice about your abscence 24h prior, you will have a substitutional class (online or offline).

    Starting from the 1st of January 2023, skipped classes could be substituted only for the students with trimester subscriptions (not yearly subscriptions, cause it has other perks of free tickets etc.).
  • What should I prepare for my class?
    Wear comfortable clothes and socks or indoor shoes. You may want to drink after intence physical movements, so you could bring your own water bottle.

    We do not have a casting, so you don't need to prepare any texts or verses for your trial. Just bring yourself and your creativity :)
  • Do I have to perform on stage if I do not want to?
    No! Theatre BELOE is here for your self-developement and discovery. We never force anyone to rehearse a play or perform on stage. We know that some of you enjoy our classes fun and lightness. You may not want to put a pressure of a performance or festival on you and it is OK!
  • How can I prepare myself for a performance?
    Learn your part, and practice it at home. Respect the work and time of other actors!
    Do not wear any colorful manicures, makeup, or bright clothing, unless it is approved by a director.
    Every actor is responsible (also financially) for his/hers costume and props for the performance. Theatre can provide the part of props, but it is not its obligation.
  • Can I go with you to a theatre festival abroad?
    Yes! First, you need to finish a half a year theatre course in Theatre BELOE. After that we can start preparation for the festivals together.
    The courses of rehearsals for the festivals are paid separately from the main classes of the Studio BELOE. The number of rehearsals and price depends on a perfromance and level of festival.
  • We are a commercial organization. Can we have a team-building event by you? Or collaborate?
    Sure! Theatre Studio BELOE is open for any types of collaborations and events. Contact us by a form below.
Basic course programme
1. Meet up. Theatre is a teamwork. Getting to know each other an important part of the theatre process.
2. Attention and Imagination. How to develop them?
3. Body. The body never lies. Let your body speak and express yourself.
4. Body in the space. Holding the space. Releasing the blocks.
5. Speech. Articulation. Breathing. Speaking.
6. The Art of Storytelling
7. Emotions and expression of them.
8. The communication with the audience. Holding the audience. Making small acting sketches with given topics.
9. Work in pairs. Partner as the most important person on stage.
10. Improvisation physical and verbal.
11. Creating acting sketches with partner.
12. Showing scenes as a result of the course.
Advanced course programme
1. Meet up. Team work. Connecting to each other.
2. The actor and the stage. Attention as an acting skill. The main instrument of the actor is the actor.
3. Communication with the partner on stage. Power partnership. How to gain?
4. Speech. Advanced tasks to improve speech. Storytelling and verbal improvisation.
5. Individual creative tasks. Creating characters.
6. Team works. Creating short performances together.
7. - 11 Rehearsals of the show
12. Final performance


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