Theatre Studio BELOE for Geneva and Zürich
A unique intensive training by a California University professor and Hollywood actress Svetlana Efremova. Hollywood method of acting only one time in Switzerland!
Three Good Reasons
to take a course by Svetlana Efremova
  • Confidence training
    Know exactly what to say and how to act with people. Improve your public speech, improvisation and physical expression
  • Creative expression
    Let yourself start expressing yourself through theatre acting.
    Use your artistic energy and enjoy!
  • Unique chance
    Svetlana Efremova comes from Hollywood to Switzerland only once for making this workshop!
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Geneva and Zurich
Certificate after the course
Showcase in the end
After 20 hours of an intensive acting course of Meisner Technique of Acting each member will get a certificate from a Hollywood expert
At the end of the course there will be a showcase of final scenes to demonstrate the growth of each actor
First time in Switzerland
A unique series of workshop in Geneva and Zurich organized specially by Theatre BELOE Association
Svetlana is doing a tour in Switzerland from 10 till 18 of August 2023
Is it only for actors?
No. During the years of studying in theatre academies, actors and directors go through deep and thoughtful self-exploration. To act as a character you have to know your own traits, habits, emotions, and expressions.
The actor's work is psychological in many ways.
We offer you a chance to immerse in your own personality to grow your ability to act.
This journey is about you.
Who should take this course
Self-development enthusiasts
To all aspiring communicators, public speakers, salespeople, and anyone who wants to boost their social skills and gain confidence. You'll learn how to connect with others on a deeper level, tap into your emotions, and communicate with clarity and conviction. You'll develop your listening skills, learn how to respond in the moment, and gain a newfound confidence in your ability to connect with others.
Aspiring professionals
A Hollywood expert will share her experience with you. Through the set of exercises and advanced scene study, you will practice expressing spontaneous human reactions and authentic emotion.
Amateur actors
The course will help you to feel more confident with the important acting technics, "live on stage", and interact truthfully with your partners and audience.
Svetlana Efremova-Reed
Professor of Acting, Head of Acting for Undergraduate and Graduate Acting program at the California State University, Fullerton
Professor Efremova-Reed conducted master classes all over the United States. Her workshops have received overwhelmingly positive responses from both national and international theatre schools and conferences such as the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, American Academy of Dramatic Arts (Los Angeles), California Educational Theatre Association, Bennington College, Miami University etc.

Svetlana was extensively trained by two of the most world-renowned theatre schools: the Yale School of Drama, where she earned an MFA degree in Acting and the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre, where she received a BFA in Acting.
Meisner Acting Masterclasses
Is a way to explore your creative and expressive potential. The class will give you a transformative experience of deep connection with yourself and the world around you. Lots of inspiration and energy is guaranteed.
Learn more
You can learn more about Svetlana Efremova career
Here is the article about her current project 'For All Mankind'. Svetlana Efremova Joins Apple TV+'s Space Drama Series.
Meisner technique is used by such Hollywood actors as Gregory Peck, Sydney Pollack, Grace Kelly, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Watts, Tom Cruise etc.
About the course
The program is built by Svetlana Efremova herself and includes 20 hours of theoretical and practical exercises
Svetlana is a professional Acting Coach of Meisner acting technique, the basic component of most acting courses in the leading universities.

Meisner technique became popular in the 80th. Like most contemporary methodologists, Meisner took the Stanislavsky method as the baseline. But unlike Stanislavsky, he decided to eliminate the component of "emotional memory". The core of Meisner's technique is the repetition exercises, based on the actors' close interaction.

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This course will help an actor to gain a huge and diverse artistic pallet since Meisner proposed to base the acting on the partner's emotional state and his/her demonstration of feelings. The acting becomes natural, therefore believable and efficient. The "feeling of truth" is born not from the ratio, but from the empathy here and now.

In fact, actors themselves are very fond of this technique, because it allows you to "switch off your head" and gives unprecedented creative freedom. And it is very important that an actor is a personality themselves, because their acting is based on their inner world: if there is no person beneath, then there is no art.

Svetlana Efremova
Professor of Acting
Course Schedule
20 hours of secrets of the Meisner technique, prectical exersises, acting tips and sharing Hollywood experience.
10-13 of August 2023
Rue Jean Dassier 11
10-11/08, Thursday-Friday: 18.30-22.30

12-13/08, Saturday-Sunday:
11.00-18.00 with a lunch break (13.00-14.00)
14-18 of August 2023
Karl der Grosse

14-18/08, Monday-Friday: 18.30-22.30
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Fill out the form to book a place on the course. We will contact you via e-mail to provide further info
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